Auto Movie/Show Converter for Plex, Media Browser and Mobile Devices (v1.0.0.1)

Just wanted to share a little piece of software I wrote. As much as I love Netflix and amazon, having certain movies and shows stored locally is important to me. If I’m traveling for work or it’s a show I can’t find on the above mentioned websites, I can still purchase a cheap used copy and rip them.


The problem I usually have is I hate going through the tedious process of converting each file (especially tv show seasons) into compatible formats for PLEX ( and Windows Media Center ( as well as formats for me and my girlfriends portable devices (ipad, wp7, iphone, and windows 8 tablet)


That’s where “wamm4plex_mb” comes in. I just point to the locations where I want the files stored, and every night the software will run and automatically convert them to compatible files formats



Rip your Movies into your Movies folder (same folder specified in Config-wamm4plex_mb). Media

Rip your Shows into your Shows folder (same folder specified in Config-wamm4plex_mb). As long as you stick to the naming convention specified by Plex and Media Browser (Show Name S##E##), the files will be put in the correct show and season numbers automatically (No manually creating folders)


Personally, I use DVDFAB and rip all of my Bluray’s as lossless MKV’s and all my DVD’s as VOB’s(with .idx/.sub subtitles where applicable), but other formats should work as follows:


Acceptable input formats (input, output, portable output)

MKV(Bluray), .ts(4.5mbps h264/AC3), .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

WMV, keeps original, .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

MP4, keeps original, .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

M4V, keeps original, .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

AVI, keeps original, .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

M2TS(BLURAY), .ts(4.5mbps h264/AC3), .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

ISO(DVD), .ts(2mbps h264/AC3), .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

BDMV(bluray) , .ts(4.5mbps h264/AC3), .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)

VOB, .ts(2mbps h264/AC3), .m4v(900kbps h264/aac)


Subtitles with the same name as the movie file will be moved accordingly (srt, pgs, ass, ssa, idx, sub)

When the original movie is converted, the file is moved to a different folder. You can either delete them or keep them there if you like having higher quality files available when you want to really showcase your HT setup.



Install/Download .NET 4.5 ( )

Install/Download Handbrake (

Install/Download VLC (

Download and Unzip wamm4plex_mb ( )


If you just need to upgrade the program to the latest version, you can just get the exe files here:

( wamm4plex_mb_amc(just exes).zip )


Open the Config-wamm4plex_mb_amc.exe

Change the settings and Save

settings example


(I’ll try to add more instruction details and add more to the app in the near future)

(edited to add link to .NET and a few spelling mistakes 3-25-13)

(v1.0.0.1 fixed xml file location reference 3-26-13)


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